Premium Snapchat: Everything You Need To Know

Premium Snapchats
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We see it everywhere. Girls posting about adding their premium Snapchat accounts for a certain amount of money or a subscription-based way of it. Snapchat doesn’t actually have a new app or a way to unlock  premium Snapchat accounts. In fact, it is totally against their terms and conditions, but this does not stop people from selling them and making some side money using the Snapchat platform for sexting and sending nudes.


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So What is a Premium Snapchat account?

A premium snapchat account is a regular Snapchat account that you can gain access to by paying the account holder, but you can also buy an accounting on companies like Fancentro. A “premium Snapchat account” is just another way of saying Snapchat porn. Individuals who sell premium snapchat accounts typically take payment via PayPal, Venmo or other instant money online services. You must pay the premium account holder before they can send you to access information to their accounts. These accounts are usually seen as Snapchat porn of regular girls and even famous porn stars that use Snapchat to expand their brand.

How Premium Snapchats work

When you purchase a premium Snapchat account the account holder will usually add or respond with how to gain access to the account within 24 hours. Nowadays, it is common to get a free premium Snapchat trial before you decide to buy full access.

After you are added to a premium Snapchat account you are now part of the models paid premium member and you will be able to access the premium content, which consists of nude snapchat stories with photos, videos, and even private messaging. Similar to cam girls, each private Snapchat model has a unique style and frequency of posting.

Top places to Buy and Sell Private Snapchat Accounts

There are many places to buy private Snapchat accounts, some places more safe and secure than others. Be aware that there are many people selling “fake Snapchat accounts” on the internet, posing as a famous model or porn stars in order to exploit the system. Here are some of the top places where you can purchase premium Snapchat accounts.

Top Porn Star Snapchat Models 2018 Image result for winner trophy icon

Bailey Bae Private Snapchat #1. Bailey Bae  / Follow on Snapchat


Dani Daniels Private Snapchat#2. Dani Daniels / Follow on Snapchat


Sophie Dee Private Snapchat#3. Sophie Dee / Follow on Snapchat


Lana Rhoades Premium Snapchat#4. Lana Rhoades / Follow on Snapchat


Eva Lovia Premium Snapchat#5. Eva Lovia / Follow on Snapchat


Are you a Model Looking to Sell Your Premium

Snapchat Account?

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How much money can you make from your Premium Snapchat account?

This is a question that gets asked very often when the topic of Premium Snapchats come up. The reality of the situation is that the more you work, the more money you will make. You need to constantly promote your account or find a service that promotes it for you.

Getting new clients constantly will not only mean you’re getting more money monthly or yearly but even the one-time-lifetime purchases will keep adding to your wallet with custom snap orders. Some girls prefer to keep a month to month subscription service. You can let your clients test this service for a week for only $1, which is what most PS accounts do and after that week, you can charge them however much you would like for a monthly service.

Snapchat Access Pricing

The most common is between $5-30 so make sure to consider your skills, how much time you can put into your snapchat account and how many nudes you’re willing to take. The higher the amount of money, the weirder the requests will get so if you’re not used to this type of engagements, start slow and build your nudes game up from scratch.

Most ‘’intermediate’’ level premium snap girls make somewhere between $200 and $400 a week and it only escalates from there. You can make up to $5,000 or more in a month by only taking tasteful naked pictures and videos of yourself and sending them to strangers. Some PornStars  like Dani Daniels make up to $20k per month selling Premium Snapchats.

While there are many many new Premium Snapchat accounts appear every day, your personality, looks and photography skills might just be the thing some men(or women) are looking for. If you have a great following on other social media sites, already take suggestive pictures or have a passion for nudes, why not make some extra pocket money that may turn into a full-blown monthly income for you. Google a couple of the best Premium Snapchat account services like TrueSnaps or sexxxter to get there even quicker than that and without too much work and never ever send explicit pictures of yourself without being paid again!

Lifetime Access Vs Monthly Subscriptions

With Premium Snapchat accounts there are multiple ways to monetize your account. Some people prefer to charge for the year because it makes it easier and less labor intensive. The problem with this is that less people are willing to pay a large lump sum of money without getting some kind of preview. The best thing to do if you want to build a sustainable business is to go with a subscription and change your premium subscribers every month.

How to promote a premium a premium snapchat account?

Social Media

Everyone can have a premium account. Whats important is if you will be able to get subscribers or paid viewers or not. If you are interested in starting your own Premium account, you will need to have a solid number of people who want to see your content, otherwise, it won’t be worth your time or effort. You can build your viewer base on your regular snapchat by accepting more people and being a little more entertaining.

Promoting your Premium Snapchat on other platforms are also super important. Always make sure to pot on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages about your premium snapchat account to let people know they can see much more than what they’re seeing on there. You never know how many potential new paid viewers are going on your social media profile to see if there is anything more. Share your premium snapchat information and how to get the access daily on your other accounts to up your traffic and viewer number.

We are sure your current followers on other platforms will enjoy a little sexy picture while you promote your Premium snapchat and let them know how much more they can see if they pay the small fee. Once you have a certain number of viewers and income from your new money maker, you can start engaging with the viewers more so they send requests of what they want to see you in, do, take a picture of or talk about. A wonderful way to increase your income without having to get more viewers.


You can also use Premium Snapchat services that take care of the monthly subscriptions and payments for you. Some even offer analytics and a place where you can see pending offers. These services offer a secure way for your viewers to gain access to your account. Secure for you, because you won’t need to share any emails or anything personal other than your snapchat name since for PayPal, you would need your full name and other payment services also need at least some personal information. The viewers go on the services page, pick out the Premium Snapchat account they want to follow and make their payments.