8 Sexting Examples That Will Lead to Hot Sex 2024

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In this article, we’ll disclose to you a sexting conversation between two people; the success of this sex conversation would be stated after we list out the conversation.

Are you finding it challenging to indulge in a sex chat?

Here are sex chat conversations that can give you a hint about having the best sex chat with your partner:

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Example #1

Sexting example 1


M: Baby, I am under lots of blankets, and I’m still cold. I guess I should wear some clothes.

F: My Love, I think you need me right now, for some hot…

M: I can’t seem to complete the sentence. 🙂 Hot what exactly?

F: Hot and passionate sex.

M: Really, I seriously can’t wait to have you on my bed anytime soon. It’s been a while I did those things to you.

F: I missed all that, too.

M: How I place my tongue on your clit; remember how you moan when I do that.

F: OMG! It takes me to cloud9.

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Example #2

Sexting example 2


M: I missed licking your nipple. I have forgotten its taste 🙁 Baby, where are you?

F: I’m in bed, too.

M: What are you wearing? Is it that pink and sexy pant?

F: Yes, just the way you like it.

M: That pant gets me in the mood, at sight of it.

F: Awww! Can’t wait to have you in between my legs. I get wet whenever I think about those moments.

M: Distance is killing me.

F: Well, I know my bed has us both soon.

M: I think about having sex with you every single day; you have no idea, my love.

F: Really? Baby, I’ve managed to pour ice cream all over my body, if only someone could just lick it off my body. 🙁

M: I won’t hesitate to lick it off if I were there. I’ll even focus more on some areas.

F: Awwwwwww! Now, you’re making me miss you even more.

M: Can you remember when we broke the bed?

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Example #3

Sexting example 3


F: Baby, I’m missing you right now. I’m bored.

M: Awwww! My love, okay I’m coming over. Put on something sexy, because we might end up destroying the bed. I am coming with violence to chase boredom away.

F: Here am I. Remember that pant you love so much, that’s what I’m putting on right now. I can’t wait.

M: Feel my tongue in between your legs, because it’ll eventually touch your clit soon.

F: Really? Then, hurry down.

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Example #4


M: I’m in love with how wet you get

F: You just know how to turn me on

M: That alone makes me want to do even more. Then, I want to put my lips down your thighs. All the way down your thighs

F: Right now, I can feel your soft kisses

M: …and spread your legs slowly. Then, lick you up and down. Outside first, then slowly work my way in.

F: Thinking about that alone is making my back ache me.

M: So sizzling hot then lick you up and down and up and down… You know, right? Right in the middle, then gradually close in on that sexy clit of yours. And I’d curl my middle finger up to gently press on your g spot.

F: Awww! You’ll make me wet right now, please continue.

M: …and I’ll rub up and down before I start licking your clit

F: OMG! Now I wish you were here

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Example #5

Sexting example 5


M: Baby, I can’t wait to have you here with me.

F: Same here

M: I can’t wait to press on your g spot as I keep licking it. Those your boobs are so succulent, I want to do more than imagining that I’m squeezing them.

F: Sweetheart, I reach orgasm whenever you suck my breast.

M: From here, I can perceive the fragrance from your sweet little pussy. It is making me really hard right now.

F: Go on

M: I fall in love with you afresh every single day. I want to place my lips on those nipples badly. And slowly circle my tongue around them while I hold suction on your breasts

F: Fuck Yes

M: Don’t worry, my hand won’t fail to be massaging and clenching on the areas my mouth isn’t on.

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Example #6

Sexting example 6


M: I want to f**ck you until you can feel my balls push up against the bottom of your soft butt. Then, I carry one of your legs up and place it on my shoulder

…and flex my dick deep inside you

F: My God, I need you right now.

M: Before pulling it all the way back out. Then, slowly sliding it back in. A little bit faster this time.

…At this point, I might give you a light smack.

Then straddle the other of your legs turn you to the other side just a bit.

F: OMFG! It’s been long I got this kind of treatment. Baby, bring it on; when? I can’t wait.

M: I can’t wait, too. Many more things to do to you.

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Example #7

Sexting example 7


M: Baby, Rub your clit gently and slowly. If you can, get the lube and get yourself wet down there. If you can’t get a lube, use your spit.

F: Mmm, I’m doing that right away for you baby.

M: Start rubbing harder and harder in a circular motion. Using your other finger, insert just your pinky. Finger yourself until the point where you want more.

F: And? tell me more…

M: Go to your index finger and finger and finger; make sure you feel yourself inside.

…imagine how it’ll feel when I go inside you.

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Example #8

Sexting example 8


M: There’s something I desire to do right now, can you guess?

F: I can’t guess, please tell me.

M: I want to widely spread your legs and slowly eat out your wide pussy.

F: Really? Then?

M: And then I’m going to turn you over and insert my hard cock deep inside you

…and I’ll kiss your neck then slowly go in and out of you. I won’t stop until I make you scream.

F: Baby, can you come over right now and f**ck me?

M: I’m on my way already…

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