Jenny Lopez Sexting

About SextFriend

Jenny Lopez founded SextFriend in 2016 in order to showcase her work as a journalist and a sexual psychologist. Growing up in a conservative part of southern Utah Jenny was not always confident enough to publish her work publicly and often wrote under an alias to protect her identity. After finishing school moving away from her home town Jenny became more confident in her work. Jenny decided she needed one place to hold all of her work in a hope that it would be helpful to others.  

Jenny has been featured in many major publications with her work being predominately in sexual health and wellness. When not researching medical journals or interviewing large panels of people you can find Jenny spending time with her dog, Yoda or at the beach in California.  Jenny is an avid runner and extremely competitive at most games and sports. 

“It has always been my hope that my work can help people find confidence in their sexuality and themselves. Sexuality can be tough to navigate and I never want people feel shame around who they truly are. SextFriend is about inclusiveness and education and a safe space to host open and honest conversations.”  

- Jenny Lopez