Do’s And Don’t Of Erotic Adult Sex Chat

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Most times erotic chat is irresistible. Adult chat rooms are the only way to express your sexual feeling to your partner. Many adults become extremely shy when issues of erotic chat come up. However, if you want to improve your love life, you can’t avoid erotic chats with your partner.

Erotic chat or sexting as it’s mostly called is the sexiest way of sending a steamy text or photo to the person you’re getting naked with (or hope to get naked with!). Thanks to technology and the massive proliferation of smartphones, sexting seems to be more popular than ever.

However, the flip side of the erotic chat is that it is getting a lot of people in trouble. To avoid this, certain etiquette that prevents embarrassment and professional ruin of epic proportions should be observed. Below is a guide to keep in mind the next time you get the steamy urge.

The Don’ts Of Erotic Chat

If you have a sexting partner, sexting erotic messages can be a good thing for your relationship as long as it is done correctly.  Wisen-up now and be conscious of what you do while chatting because as an adult, you are responsible for your actions.

Don’t ever drink and chat erotica

After taking a couple of glasses of champagne, all you need to do is take a good rest. If you opt for sexting at this vulnerable state, you will be prone to mistakes. You might just sext with the wrong person, maybe your boss, Mom or even send it to a business group chat. You might not even realize until you receive a super awkward reply. Just imagine how embarrassing that would be. How do you start explaining that?

Don’t jump quickly to erotic chats

The fact that you succeeded in getting someone’s number from them does not mean that they are interested in sexting with you. Allow time to flow and let nature take its course. Give them enough time to trust you and also ensure you trust the person as well. Remember to be well informed on how to sext correctly before you jump into dirty talk.

Don’t substitute sexting for the real deal

Erotic chat comes with instant gratification which can be addictive. Too much of it without enough real-life intimacy can destroy your relationship. When it becomes more about getting horny instead of connecting with your partner, the intimacy of the relationship suffers.

Sexting is not the main event, consider it as the cherry on top of your ice cream. Erotic chat is only a little something sexy to spice things up for your intimate life.

Don’t assume everyone enjoys receiving your naked photos.

Although most people think your naked pics are the hottest thing ever, err on the side of caution and hold off on the nude shots until your sext partner actually sees you naked in person. Give the person you want to sext a chance to get to know you and your body in person before you start sexting.

Healthy Do’s of Erotic Chats

Always take caution before you are overwhelmed by the joy and ego boost of sexting. Here are some healthy do’s you should consider before going all erotica with your chat.

Do’s to know before flirting with your sext partner

5. Do trust your instincts

Your instincts are your closest friend. If it’s right and time to sext, you will know in your gut. If you don’t trust your gut, then it’s not right. So remain adamant and don’t do it even when you are under pressure of any kind.

6. Do give people permission to sext you

Like I said earlier, many adults are shy of erotic chat even though they long for it. If you can’t make the first move, then open up yourself for the more courageous partner to know you are ready to wallow in erotica.

7. Do tell your partner of your intentions

Do let your partner know your motives. Let the other person know you want to initiate sexting with them. Tell them you want to send an erotic chat beforehand. Ask them if you both can do the sexting stuff, do remember to be polite about this.

8. Do protect yourself

Even though it is important to give someone some benefit of the doubt, you still need to build a strong foundation of trust with the person you are hoping to sext with. Before you send erotic chat, be sure you are a hundred and one percent protected.  You can protect yourself by sending photos without your face. Another way is to send blurry pics.

9. Do be careful with your motives

Be careful with who you sext with. Avoid someone that is capable of doing the “revenge porn.” Just in case something goes wrong between you two.

10. Do take advantage of these nasty chat up lines

These sexting lines would stylishly tell your partner that you want an erotic chat and also make them aware that you are ready for sexting. These embarrassingly funny and little bit dirty pick-up lines are just the ticket to make the subject of your affection noticed. Use your words and “tell” instead of “show.” An erotic chat is meant to make your partner want more, not show them the whole package.

However, don’t let the conveniences of sexting technology completely take over your love life. If you are sending erotic chats, use it in a way that would encourage face-to-face interaction. Therefore, leave the not-so-subtle sexy selfies out of it and focus on what you want to say in your texts and how much you cherish the relationship with your partner.

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