9 Emojis You Should Use In Your Sexting Game


Adult Sexting is a flirty way of staying connected with your sex partner. It adds a little adventure and brings some sexy excitement to your relationship. With the rise of emojis, the sexting game has become even more fun. You can convey so much lust with these little images. When using emojis, you have to be very selective, otherwise you might end up with another unread message.

These days, most apps used for sexting have integrated emojis and emoticons on the keyword that allow you can use to express how you feel, regardless of what type of device you have. To make sure your sexting game stands out, we have summarized 9 emojis you should use for all your sexting endeavors. Check them out below!

Cutesy faces 😍

Sending a yellow face with puckered lips blowing a kiss can represent affection or a feeling of love. You can also use the cute little guy with a stuck-out tongue to express pure lust. The winking face is also useful when you want to say something about sex and naughty at the same time. When a girl sends you a wink face emoji, she’s probably saying it’s that time for a booty call. To bring out a horny message, the face should be coy and subtle.

The hugging face is a way of saying that you want to cuddle and would love a big hug from your lover. In addition, the winking face says, “Get over here I’m ready,” and the thinking face shows that you’re thinking about your partner. How you use cutesy faces to express your horniness is up to you. If a girl sends random emoji faces, she likes you and wants to spend more time with you. She just might even want to get a little nasty with you! Cutesy faces are great to send good sexual vibes and to express that you’re interested in someone.

Lipstick kiss 😘

Lipstick leaves a mark behind, so what’s better than a lovely kiss? This emoji is sexy and gives off an incredibly horny vibe. When you throw it to her before you meet, she’ll know upfront that you’re ready to get down to business. For beginners, this emoji may leave you with a lot of questions in your mind. It’s also a great way to express affection for someone after you’ve done the deed and want more.

Water drops 💦

Two water drop emojis suggest you’re very wet. It’s an easy way of saying it’s that time for a booty call. What else could you use this emoji for? Originally, they were created to represent beads of sweat. You can send it your lover as a way of saying things are going to get hot in the bedroom. When you send the emoji before you meet in the evening, she’ll be ready to get laid. When she says that she’s wet with some water drops, get ready for some hot fun in the sack!

Fire flames 🔥

In the last couple of years, this emoji has developed a couple of meanings. To some, the flame may represent an actual fire. Although very few people know the meaning, it could signify that you’re smoking hot. This is one emoji you can’t miss in your sexting, especially if you want to complement the good looks of your lover. When you receive this emoji, you should know that person thinks you are hot. The flame can also be used to say something was fire. For example, if the make out session you had together was sizzling, you can use the fire emoji to express that.

Fingers play 👌

If you take a closer look, you’ll realize your keyboard is filled with emoji fingers. Without a doubt, the finger gestures will get your point across. The moment you see the pointing fingers, something is going to be penetrated. If your man sends you an emoji of the index finger and an okay hand, you’re going to get laid. Mostly, the okay hand depicts a woman’s reproductive organ. It could also mean some finger action is going to occur. And if you get an emoji of the index finger next to a peach, he wants to sleep with you. The peace sign emoji also assumes the V-shape, symbolizing a vagina. When it’s followed by an eggplant, it depicts sexual intercourse.

Waving 👋

This is the first reaction once you receive a booty photo when sexting. Full open hands are used in a sexually suggestive manner to express spanking. The waving hand says someone wants to spank you in a naughty way. Sometimes this emoji is used together with a peach. When you receive a sext that has an emoji and a peach, you should automatically know he wants to engage in some fun spanking action.

Camera 📸

When pictures and videos are involved, you can send an emoji of a camera. It’s a way of suggesting that you want them to send you some nude pictures. It can be a major turn off if you ask your significant other to send you her naked photos directly. If your conversation is getting dirty, this is a straightforward way of asking for those photos. Even if you’re not going to get them, it’s less awkward than using words. Be careful when using the emoji, because it can ruin your sexual dialogue if you’re not careful.

Eggplant 🍆

The eggplant emoji represents a man’s genitals just like a lollipop or hot dog. While there are many vegetables you can use, the eggplant assumes the shape of a D. When followed by sweat drops, it represents ejaculation. If you’re too shy to get the message across, you can combine eggplant and a lollipop. What else could it be? It means you want some oral sex. Maybe you’ll never look at this vegetable the same way again!

Taco 🌮

If you want to refer to her lady bits, this is the emoji to use. The emoji resembles a woman’s parts. Be sure to use this emoji carefully as it may send the wrong message to some women. If you just met a lady a few days ago, this emoji could mean you just want to use her. It’s always important that you take it slow and send the emoji after you’ve built a strong connection. Always take it as a compliment.

Before emojis were invented, it was quite hard for two lovers to talk dirty in a quick, fun way. Now that emojis have been ingrained in our daily sexting conversations, you can use them to convey your deepest desires to your partner. It’s important that you check the naughty implications before you use them and remember that there are no right or wrong answers. Make yourself clear, have fun, and bring a sense of humor to your sexting game.

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