Sexting Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Not everybody can swiftly indulge in free sexting online and send messages which would hit the purpose – turning him on. A lot of ladies feel it is highly cumbersome to compose sexting messages to send to your boyfriend; they think such messages will make no impact on their boyfriends.


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We are here to put it to you that words can actually turn him on, and that’s our sole aim of writing this article – to disclose to you those sexting messages capable of doing the magic for you. You are fully free to use these messages verbatim, doing a personal copy and paste job; or you can also pick up ideas from them to compose a unique write-up for sexting.
In addition, do it with a positive mindset because it works. Having said that, let’s move into the crux of this write-up, which is listing the sexting messages to send to your boyfriend.


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Are you ready? Let’s go:

Best  Messages to Sexting to Your Boyfriend

1. I want you right now. Please, I can’t wait any longer to have you right here with me.
2. I am so dirty, and I’m about to go into the toilet to have a shower. When I’m done with the shower, I want you to do those things to make me dirty again. You know them, right?
3. I’ll wear nothing but heels tonight. Yes, heels.
4. What if I offer you about three wishes, and I go ahead to grant every one of them? What would you desire to do in bed this night?
5. It’s that time you try that very new position which you’ve been telling me about. How about that?
6. I would rather be very close to you right now. Guess where? In bed.
7. Baby, you can’t imagine how much I want to have you on my bed right now. Can you please come over?
8. You are so strong, and huge — I mean big — under. I can’t stop myself from thinking about you.
9. I really wouldn’t mind giving you a bite — a love bite precisely.
10. I am sitting on top of the kitchen counter thinking of the fantastic things you do between my legs.
11. I wish you could sleep close to you right now, so I can be warm. Because all I have on is my panties.
12. I’m lying on this bed and imagining you making sweet love to me by pushing me against the wall.
13. Do you know that I was looking at sex toys today? Yes, I was.
14. Currently, I’m typing with my phone with just one hand, and the other hand is doing something else. Can you guess what it’s doing?
15. I covered myself with a blanket, but I don’t know, I’m still freezing on here. Should I put on more clothes?
16. I’m right here imagining your soft hand on my body, your mouth on my body, and also your sexy body on mine. I can’t wait to have that.
17. I so much like it – in fact, I love it – when you’re fully in charge. It makes me wet.
18. Guess where I could place my tongue on your body? Just guess!
19. Just having the thoughts of you touching me alone turns me on.
20. Whenever I see your name at the screen of my phone, my knee weakens.
21. Tell me, what exactly turns you on? I really want to try it out the next time we meet each other.
22. I made a huge mess today. I think you’ll just have to give me a good spanking tonight.
23. I had the sexiest, dirtiest and wettest dream last night. Do you want to hear it on chat, or should I say it over the phone?
24. I lay on top of my bed thinking about you, but most especially your “world engine.”
25. Hey, Babe! Would you like me to put on my lacy thong or sporty tonight?
26. The next time we see each other, I want you to make me so dirty — as dirty as you can.
27. What do you think we can do tonight? …I mean in bed.
28. Tell me, what exactly is your favorite memory about sex?
29. Baby, nothing else gets me wetter than thinking about my prince — you.
30. I know it may sound weird, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about us the previous night. It keeps showing up in my heart over and over and over again.
31. You’ll really need to help me take the straps and snaps off my whole body this night.
32. You are just so hot and attractive. Is it that sexy physique of yours? It makes me fall in love with you over and over again. I want you all to myself, can I have you?
33. Just to make things clearer. If you were right here with me, we wouldn’t be kissing, hugging or cuddling. Do you know why?
34. While we were at it last night, you were screaming some filthy words. Do you want to do it again tonight?
35. Tell me, tell me about the wettest dreams you have had about me.
36. Immediately you get into the house, don’t forget to meet me in bed.
37. Right now, I just feel like there’s something missing. It is having you between my legs.
38. Right now, I’m busy sucking on a blow pop. Can you guess what I’m thinking?
39. Okay! Okay! Let me confess. Sometimes I get turned on while thinking about you and all we do in bed. And I just can’t help thinking about you all the time.
40. I think I need to change my underwear this minute. It’s soaked already because I’ve been thinking about you.
41. The bed feels too wide and empty without you here with me.