Dirty Chat: Why Girls Love it & Sites to Use

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Girls are not as complicated as you would think. Society forces the belief that girls need to be innocent or abstain from sex in order to be considered good partners. Well not only is that false but it is also so much more boring for both women and men. Why would you prefer a shy, inexperienced partner instead of finding someone that will help you explore your fantasies and fetishes for your whole life? While there are still people who consider any sexual behavior from women inappropriate, the smart men and women know just how much fun dirty chatting could be. Women love the dirty chat! It’s interesting, it’s different than a regular conversation and it adds a lot more heat to the sex.

There are many reasons why girls love dirty chat, but its also good to remember it isn’t every single girl that is into it. Some prefer different ways of communication during playtime. So, while your lady friend might be ready to scream at you to fuck her harder, another girl might prefer to just moan to let you know how they’re feeling about your bed game. With that said, here are some of the reasons why girls love dirty chatting and why they love to do it.


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Here are the to reasons girls like to dirty chat online:


It Is Empowering

Like we mentioned above, the ‘’good girl’’ image has been destroyed by society to make people believe only prudish people can be ‘’good’’ and as much as we try to fix it, our brains are still telling us that if a girl is into sex or sexual things, she must be ‘’bad’’. Doing something a ‘’bad girl’’ would do is exciting to girls because they get to choose to be bad. You’re not forcing her to be sexual, she loves it, she enjoys it, she prefers to sex talk all night long because she is super into it. When girls own up to things they love to do or want to explore instead of focusing on what others would want of her, their own self-confidence turns them on. Dirty talking empowers most women. It is sexy to be confident.

Girls Are Easier To Turn On Mentally Than Physically

Have you heard about the saying ‘’Men like what they see and that’s why women wear makeup and women like what they hear and that’s why they lie’’? While that is a seriously juvenile and sexist thing to say, there is some truth behind it. While the look of her body may turn you on super easily, looking at men and sexualizing them is harder because men are naked all the time. Women get aroused hearing about how much you like them and how they’re making you feel. And while that may sound emotional, it really doesn’t have to be. A girl will be turned on, when they tell you that you’re so deep inside of her, after seeing your face. Tell her how hot she is and how her hot body is going to make you come and watch the waterworks begin(but the good kind, not crying).

Turning You On, Turns Them On

When a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you, the idea of you being turned on by her is creepy to her. But when she is all ready to go, hearing or knowing how much she turns you on is always a plus. When she does her little dirty chat, the look on your face or how you respond is often very sexy. To know that you’re turning someone on or that someone is enjoying having sex with you is great for both men and women. Don’t you love it when she moans because that means you’re doing a good job? She loves to know that she is satisfying you as well. That’s why some girls love dirty chatting.

It Is Bonding

Lights off, under the sheet, missionary position, eyes shut kind of sex is the kind no one really wants to have. Sex is so much more than producing, or physical pleasure. Sex is also mental and emotional, which is what online sexting is missing. When you explore your freaky side with a little dirty chat with your girl, it will be a bonding moment. A new way of getting your feelings across and a fantastic way for your girl to say things to you that she doesn’t feel comfortable saying during normal, daily life. It is exciting and even a better way to learn more about that person. Sex only gets better with the same person if both of those people are into fucking each other. You learn their rhythm they learn yours and you can create a completely new like or fetish from just dirty talking. If you hear your girl yell ‘’bite my neck’’, there is a chance that from now on you will find it hot and do it to her because you know she loves it so much. Dirty chat is basically a way to up your D-game!

It Lustful

The things that turn girls on and guys on aren’t that much different. We all love passion and lust.  It makes us feel young and alive! Hearing your partner blurt something out while breathless is super sexy. Dirty chatting while having sex requires a lot of passion and lust. As long as what you’re saying doesn’t sound like you’re trying to do a presentation at school and it has a little bit more sexiness to it, she will love it.

Dirty chatting may sound funny or intimidating but once you know how much your partner will enjoy it, you won’t feel any way other than happy about the chatting. It’s a fantastic way to express yourself and assure the person you’re having a good time. Sexy, steamy sex is what we all want. No one has time for boring sex. Dirty chatting, toys, lubes, role-playing and fetishes are all amazing ways to spice up your bedroom. You will be surprised about how much girls love to feel sexy and special. Start with dirty talk and chat your way up to other, bigger fantasies.

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