8 Ways To Stay Anonymous When Sexting Online [Infographic]


Sexting Anonymous Infographic

With social media and phone apps came a new way to connect with people online for any type of sexual fun. Whether if it is dating, chatting or sexting online, some people prefer to keep their identity a secret, at least for a while. Giving your personal information to strangers can be dangerous for many reasons, especially while sexting anonymously online. Thankfully, there are some things you can remember to do to keep your sexting anonymous. Here are 8 ways to stay anonymous when sexting online.


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1. Use an Alias

Rule 1 of online anonymous sexting is to NEVER ever use your actual, legal name. In fact, don’t use any names that could be traced back to you. You may have a nickname that’s not your actual, legal name but using any name people might associate with puts you in danger of being recognized while sexting. Use a fun made up name or you can even go with the classic anonymous name of John/Jane Doe.

2. No Addresses

Online sexting world can be full of people who are potential stalkers and people who want to expose you. If you absolutely must give an address for any purpose, make sure it’s not your work, school or office or even your best friends house. Use a P.O box if you are going to get something delivered to you and if you are extra concerned about your anonymity while sexting online, make sure the P.O box is not in your own county where your house or office or school are. Keeping your location a secret is a big deal online. IP addresses are usually the biggest giveaway of your location. Read number 7 to find out how to keep your IP unidentified.

3. No Personal Details

Oh, you are 6’0, have blonde hair and green eyes? Keep it to yourself. Doesn’t matter what you look like, explaining what you look like is never a good idea. The more details you give about your physical appearance, the more likely you are to be exposed which is the exact opposite anonymous sexting. Try to come up with an alternative imaginative look for yourself. Explore other options in your fantasy world. But don’t make it sound ridiculous. Using a celebrity like looks, looks that are way above average, only increase your chances of getting a stalker. Keep it simple. A different hair color and eye color and a difference in your height and weight will do it. For extra security, use a different birthday and year as well. Make sure to remember what you have written about yourself to specific people, so you don’t raise any suspicions.

4. Incognito Mode

If you are anonymous sexting online, using a web browser, never use a regular browser tab. Regular browsers mode keep your online activity history along with every personal information you give out. To keep yourself safe, use the incognito mode on your browser. Most browsers come with the incognito mode built in their options. You can also use web browsers that are based around anonymity like duckduckgo, Tor or Linux browsers. These browsers don’t keep your IP or search history and make you a little harder to find. It is still up to you to keep your name, address and looks, and age. Remember that the browsers can dispose of the information the others keep on their logs but they cannot provide you with an alias or change the information you chose to provide to the people you are sexting with.

5. No Face, No Tattoos, No Case

Many people enjoy sending and receiving nudes and pictures while they’re sexting online. Sending a picture of yourself can be fun, especially if the person receiving it asked to see it. However, that is the biggest exposure of your anonymity while sexting online. If you want to keep yourself anonymous, never ever, under no conditions, share a picture of your face, tattoos, birthmarks or any other physical details about your body and looks. Reverse image searching has gotten more and more successful over the last couple of years. Web browsers can recognize your face even if you have not shared that specific picture with anyone or social media. Google Photos has really advanced face recognition techniques. Even if you don’t use Google Photos, there is a chance that your friends and family do and they can attach your legal name to your pictures with ease, raising your chances of being recognized by web browsers.  If you definitely want to send pictures, keep your face out of it and edit any birthmarks or tattoos out. Use Facetune or photoshop or any other photo editing app to do this easily and for free.

6. No Personal E-Mails

E-mails can be hacked. If you use your personal e-mail or even worse,  work or school e-mails to sign up to any dating website, sexting app or chat room, accept the fact that you might get exposed in some ways. If someone hacks into your email where you have bills, subscriptions or even a location-specific email, your personal details will be compromised. Getting disposable e-mail addresses are very easy these days. Use a different one for every site or app to keep your security levels as high as possible and be the king of anonymous sexting.

7. Use A VPN

Virtual Private Networks change your IP address while you’re anonymous sexting or browsing the web. Your location will be different from your actual location and getting your actual address will be much much harder for anyone who is trying. Download a VPN extension on your browser or computer to start using IP numbers that won’t show anyone your actual location.

8. Understanding Anonymous Sexting

Please always remember that you are never 100% anonymous while you are online. Governments can track almost any criminal activity thanks to the intelligence agencies. Keep your anonymous sexting legal by chatting with age-appropriate people who give their consent on chatting with you and exchanging erotic content.

Follow these steps to keep your identity safe while you’re anonymous sexting. Check out our website for more sexting tips.

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