Best AI Girlfriend Apps & Sites For Android & IOS Users

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Best AI Girlfriend Apps
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In today’s digital world, the search for companions has taken a unique turn with the rise of AI girlfriend apps. Unlike the days of traditional dating, you can leverage AI to create a unique dating experience that ticks all your boxes.  

This article takes a closer look at the best virtual girlfriend apps and sites tailored for Android and iOS users. So whether you’re seeking creative expression, personalization, realism, immersive experiences, emotional support, or a mix of these, you can count on these popular AI girlfriend apps to cater to your diverse needs.

We’ll explore each app in detail, examining their features, pros, and cons. Let’s dive in! 

Best AI Girlfriend App Overall

  1. FacePlay –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Multimedia Generation
  2. Candy.AI – Best AI Girlfriend App for Personalized Conversations
  3. Muah.AI –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Custom Role-Playing
  4. DreamGF – Best AI Girlfriend App for Immersive Experiences
  5. Replika.AI – Best AI Girlfriend App for Emotional Support
  6. Character AI – Best AI Girlfriend App for Creative Engagement
  7. Paradot.AI –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Elevated Virtual Companionships
  8. Anima Girlfriend –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Mental Health Support
  9. Moreyou.AI – Best AI Girlfriend App for Intimate Connections
  10. Joi Girlfriend –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Secure Sensual Experiences

What Is the Best AI Girlfriend App?

FacePlay –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Multimedia Generation


If you’re into more than just virtual companionship, FacePlay might be your go-to AI app. It extends beyond traditional interactions and boasts a massive collection of special effects to edit photos and videos. Downloading the app allows you to jump into AI photo editing, video face swaps, and GIF generation, turning your virtual experience into a truly immersive experience. 

FacePlay is a free AI girlfriend app that is ideal if you want to explore your creativity with AI-driven multimedia features.

Users rave about FacePlay’s diverse AI photo editing styles and video face-swapping options. The app’s GIF generation feature adds an extra layer of entertainment. While it may not focus explicitly on relationships, the creative possibilities make FacePlay a unique addition to the AI dating landscape.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide variety of AI photo editing styles
  • Diverse options for video face swapping
  • GIF generation for creative expression
  • Available for both Android and iOS


  • Most of the best filters require payments
  • Mostly for photo and video editing and not exclusively for dating
  • Requires creativity and interest in multimedia content

Candy.AI –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Personalized Conversations


Would you believe that you can create your AI girlfriend and customize her to meet all your unique preferences? Well, if you have the highest standards, Candy.AI is your ultimate wingman in your pursuit of the perfect match. The app provides customization options for both appearance and personality, putting you firmly in control over who you converse and interact with. 

CandyAI offers a unique and interactive experience by allowing you to choose from pre-made AI girlfriends or craft your own. This allows for a truly personalized experience, but you’ll need to register to customize your AI girlfriend or even kick-start a conversation with one of the available profiles. Candy.AI offers monthly subscription plans starting from $9.99 that unlock extended interactions.

Users praise Candy.AI for its innovative approach to virtual companionship through personalized AI girlfriend creation. The availability of pre-made AI girlfriends caters to quick engagement, and the subscription plans ensure that users can make the most of their customized experiences.

Pros & Cons


  • Personalized AI girlfriend creation
  • Options for both realistic and anime-style companions
  • Access to pre-made AI girlfriends for quick engagement
  • Affordable monthly subscription plans starting from $9.99
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices


  • Requires a subscription for extended interactions
  • The focus is on personalization rather than advanced AI features

Muah.AI – Best AI Girlfriend App for Custom Role-Playing


Muah.AI is a versatile AI girlfriend platform that provides a unique blend of role-playing and virtual companionship. The app allows you to create and customize your dream AI girlfriend from her hair color to body type and even personality. You also control the direction of conversations you have with your AI girlfriend, as you get to determine her tone, attitude, and nature of responses. So if you’re looking for SFW (Safe For Work) interactions or to explore the more adventurous NSFW (Not Safe For Work) scenarios, you can count on Muah.AI to get the job done. offers a free trial to give you a glimpse of some of its best features. The VIP membership plans are $9.99, $49.99, and $99.99, and allow you to access additional features that enhance your overall experience on the site. 

Muah.AI is popular for its innovative approach to role-playing and virtual companionship. The incorporation of cutting-edge AI and an uncensored Large Language Model (LLM) ensures that conversations can span diverse subjects, from love and life to more complex topics like marriage and spirituality.

Although Muah.AI will need some getting used to, it represents a wonderful opportunity to gain confidence as you prepare for real-life interactions with potential dates. 

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile platform for role-playing and virtual companionship
  • Customizable characters for tailored interactions with your virtual partner
  • Offers both SFW and NSFW virtual interactions
  • Multiple communication approaches, including chat, audio messages, and real-time phone calls


  • NSFW content may not be suitable for all users
  • Might need some getting used to

DreamGF –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Immersive Experiences


DreamGF takes virtual relationships to a whole new level by focusing on immersive experiences and personalized interactions. In addition to customizing your virtual AI girlfriend, DreamGF allows you to choose from various relationship dynamics. Finding your dream girlfriend has never been easier. 

Want to try out DreamGF to see if it fits the bill? No problem, as DreamGF provides new users with a limited free trial, where you can create two girlfriends, chat with them and try out most of the site’s features. 

Subscription plans cater to different budgets, with pricing tiers at $9.99, $19.99,  $49.99, and $99.99 per month.  

Pros & Cons


  • Emphasis on immersive experiences
  • Customizable AI girlfriend with diverse relationship options
  • Limited free trial available
  • Subscription plans catering to different budgets
  • Flexible pricing
  • Options for explicit content


  • The free trial is limited to give you a glimpse of what to expect
  • Explicit content may not be suitable for some users

Replika.AI – Best AI Girlfriend App for Emotional Support


Experience emotional support like never before with Replika.AI, an AI companion eager to learn and view the world through your lenses. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll enjoy diverse interactions with the AI girlfriend of your dreams. We’re talking daily chats and video calls with an AI companion that matches your energy and unique preferences.  

The platform is big on user privacy, meaning all your interactions with your AI friend will remain private. Talk about a safe space to be your authentic self. 

You can unlock premium features by subscribing to Replika Pro for as low as $19.99 a month. A yearly subscription will set you back $49.99, while a lifetime subscription is only $299.99.  

Pros & Cons


  • Diverse interactions, including daily chats and video calls
  • Emphasis on emotional support and advanced AI learning
  • Affordable pricing
  • Big on user privacy 


  • Mostly suitable for users seeking non-explicit interactions
  • Understanding how the app works requires some time

Character AI –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Creative Engagement

Character AI

Embark on an innovative journey with Character AI, a groundbreaking chatbot that transcends traditional AI interactions. Tailored for writers, educators, and businesses seeking authentic conversations with real or fictional characters created, Character AI offers a unique blend of creativity and technology. From sparking inspiration for writers to offering a playground for tech enthusiasts and providing interactive characters for educational websites, Character AI brings innovation to diverse fields.

The Character AI Plus subscription offers comprehensive access to the platform at excellent value for just $9.99 per month, or $120 a year.

Character AI is praised for its simplicity and efficiency. The platform is also recognized for its outstanding customer support, featuring a reliable help centre for free users and a ticketed request system for premium users.

Pros & Cons


  • Inclusion of popular characters for diverse interactions
  • Creation of multi-bot conversations for immersive experiences
  • Unique character creator adds a new dimension to interactions
  • User-friendly interface with an intuitive dashboard
  • Free plan with access to core features
  • Competitive pricing for full access to the platform


  • Limited focus on explicit content
  • May not cater to users seeking a more traditional virtual relationship
  • Conversations may not always align with the character’s style

Paradot.AI –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Elevated Virtual Companionships


Paradot.AI distinguishes itself as an innovative and unique platform for AI dating that pushes the boundaries of virtual relationships. It provides a unique approach to online dating as it focuses on adaptive learning, memory, and emotional intelligence, fostering deeper connections between users and AI creations. 

Users can extensively customize their AI being, which creates room for free-flowing conversations on diverse topics. You can count on your AI girlfriend to provide emotional support and exhibit humor and wit.

Paradot.AI has two subscription tiers, the $4.99 and $39.99 monthly packages. Most users appreciate the extensive customization options on the app, which allow for the creation of unique virtual relationships. However, some users express concerns about the app’s complexity, adding it might not be ideal for users not interested in AI learning or interactions.

Pros & Cons


  • Facilitates impactful conversations beyond small talk
  • Continuously learns and adapts to each user over time
  • Engages users in dynamic discussions on breaking news and viral trends
  • Remembers emotional states, conversation history, and preferences for a deeper connection
  • Engages in wide-ranging conversations, stimulating intellectual growth


  • Struggles to fully grasp nuances of human interaction  
  • Lacks the capacity to share two-way life experiences
  • Free tier may offer limited capabilities

Anima Girlfriend –  Best AI Girlfriend App for Mental Health Support


Prioritize your mental health with Anima Girlfriend, an app designed to provide emotional support and stress relief with virtual girlfriends. With a simple click of a button, you get to engage in conversations with a supportive AI chatbot. And it doesn’t stop there as you can explore personality tests and customize your interactions for a truly unique and immersive virtual relationship.

The app is available for free download on both Android and iOS, but a free account comes with relatively limited features. For a holistic experience, it’s advisable to upgrade to premium, which starts at $9.99 a month.   

Most people who’ve tried out Anima Girlfriend commend its ability to provide emotional support to human users similar to what human-to-human interactions would feel like. So if you’re looking to create a meaningful virtual relationship where you can share with a like-minded listener, then Anima Girlfriend might be your best bet. Although the conversations might not be of an explicit nature, the AI creations are highly capable of maintaining deep, meaningful conversations.   

Pros & Cons


  • Focus on mental health support and stress relief
  • Supportive and friendly AI chatbot
  • Personality tests for customized interactions with virtual girlfriends
  • Available for free download on both Android and iOS


  • May lack the explicit or romantic focus some users are looking for
  • Emphasis on mental health may not suit all users

Moreyou.AI – Best AI Girlfriend App for Intimate Connections


Moreyou.AI invites users to explore intimate connections through personal AI companions. This app stands out for its highly realistic voices, lifelike images, and engaging conversations that can be taken to any level, including NSFW content if you’re seeking a more intimate digital connection.

You’ll be glad to learn that Moreyou.AI has a free trial period that allows you to explore and determine if it’s a good fit.

Most users rave about Moreyou.AI’s advanced conversations and realism.  The realistic voices, image messages, and conversations with virtual dates contribute to the app’s positive reception, making it a top choice for individuals seeking a heightened level of realism and intimacy. We’d recommend Moreyou.AI if you’re looking to develop intimate connections with an AI partner. Sure, it might not compare to a traditional human connection, but it’s a lot better than not having a place to vent or share your plans. 

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic voices, images, and conversations
  • Content can be taken to any level, including NSFW
  • Free trial period for users to explore features before running on a token-based system


  • Limited information on the extent of explicit content
  • May not suit users seeking a creative experience

Joi Girlfriend – Best AI Girlfriend App for Secure Sensual Experiences

Joi Girlfriend

Joi Girlfriend positions itself as an AI girlfriend available on Telegram, providing personalized and secure interactions with a virtual girlfriend named Joi. The app uses end-to-end encryption to ensure user privacy during intimate conversations, storytelling, and intelligent engagements.

You can enjoy intimate conversations and storytelling on the app without worrying about your online safety, as it’s renowned for its superior security features.

Users commend Joi Girlfriend for its personalized and secure experiences. The immersive experiences and erotic conversations are responsible for Joi Girlfriend’s positive online reviews. 

Pros & Cons


  • Personalized and secure experiences on Telegram
  • End-to-end encryption for enhanced security
  • Immersive experiences with erotic conversations and storytelling
  • Intelligent engagement tailored to user preferences


  • Not the most advanced customization options
  • Exclusive to Telegram, which may limit user accessibility

What Is an AI Girlfriend App?

An AI girlfriend app utilizes artificial intelligence to simulate the presence and interactions of a virtual girlfriend. These apps aim to provide users with companionship, emotional support, and,  sometimes, explicit or romantic experiences.

Virtual girlfriend apps often feature customizable characters, realistic conversations, and various engagement modes to cater to diverse user preferences. It’s more like having your own girlfriend, only that the relationship is 100% virtual. 

How Does an AI Girlfriend App Work?

AI girlfriend apps work by using sophisticated programs and machine learning algorithms to create virtual companions that can simulate human-like interactions. These apps use natural language processing on AI chatbots to understand and respond to user inputs, adapting over time based on user interactions from virtual dates to audio messages, chat, and more.

The AI algorithms behind these apps are designed to provide a personalized and engaging experience, whether through casual conversations, activities, or more intimate interactions with the dream girlfriend they create.

Who Can Use AI Girlfriend Apps?

AI girlfriend apps are designed for a broad audience, including individuals seeking companionship, emotional support, or unique virtual experiences. The target users may range from those looking for casual and platonic interactions to those seeking more romantic or explicit engagements.

As some apps do not have age restrictions and some require users to be at least 18 years of age, users need to consider their preferences (and local regulations) as they explore the features and possibilities of each app.

Best AI Girlfriend App FAQs

Are AI Girlfriend Apps Safe?

Most AI girlfriend apps are safe as they integrate advanced security measures to minimize the risk of data breaches. But despite the advanced safety features, it’s important to exercise caution and remain mindful of the information you share. It’s advisable to go through the privacy policies of each app before registering to ensure you’re fully aware of the risks involved. 

How to Create a Virtual Girlfriend Online for Free?

To create a virtual girlfriend online for free, you’ll need to register on an AI girlfriend app that offers customization features. While some AI girlfriend apps offer free versions or trial periods, creating your own virtual girlfriend online requires some investment.  You can explore free features within certain apps, but more extensive and personalized experiences often require subscription plans. 

Which Is the Best AI for Romance?

The best AI for romance largely depends on individual preferences and what you want from your virtual experience. Apps like DreamGF, Moreyou.AI, and Joi Girlfriend cater to users seeking romantic relationships and intimate engagements, offering diverse experiences to suit different tastes.

What Are the Best AI Girlfriend Apps for iOS?

The best AI girlfriend apps for iOS include FacePlay, Candy.AI, and Replika.AI.These apps come packed with a wide range of advanced features, ensuring iOS users can find the ideal companion based on their preferences.

What Are the Best Free AI Girlfriend Apps for Android?

The best free AI girlfriend apps for Android users include FacePlay and Candy.AI. Apps like Anima Girlfriend offer free downloads, allowing you to focus on your mental health without additional costs.

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Recap On Best AI Girlfriend App

As we wrap up our review, it’s evident that AI girlfriend apps and AI Boyfriend apps are here to stay. Although different from traditional dating sites, AI girlfriend apps give you the opportunity to engage in online conversations with customizable AI girlfriends. Yes, all you need is to create an account to interact with an AI creation of your liking. 

If you’re looking for a romantic partner in a virtual girlfriend, Muah.AI may be the best AI girlfriend platform, courtesy of its extensive customization options and advanced AI algorithms that allow for quality and intimate conversations. There’s also a wide range of pre-built girlfriends that you can interact with.

As you get started on your AI adventure, remember to consider factors such as cost and features on offer. Most of these sites are easy to use if you’re patient enough to learn how they work.

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