How to Find Girls On WhatsApp


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We are all familiar with WhatsApp messaging app. But, did you know you can use this powerful platform to meet and sext girls? Unlike other social sites, you need the contact number of the girls you want to chat with. Many times, getting a girl is a matter of strategy, but you must be sure where you want the conversation to go. We’ve got some tips on how you can find girls on WhatsApp. Check them out below!

Download the WhatsApp app

To download WhatsApp, simply go to Google PlayStore and follow the instructions. This app is not just for Android devices—you can also download it on your Windows PC. You’ll be required to add your mobile number to confirm your identity. Next, add a high-quality photo to create the first impression on girls. Make sure it reflects who you are – not your friends, children, or pets. Other than that, avoid using selfies where people can easily spot your hands. Upload a photo of a place you visited or a photo while doing something exciting.

The other way of making your profile stand out is creating an interesting status. Take a moment and think about it. This could be your favorite movie, music, or a quote that can spur a conversation. Once the profile is complete, you can send/receive messages, documents, videos, photos, and voice messages.


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Fill your contacts

First things first: find the numbers. Use your phone book and integrate into your internet enabled device. Another way of finding real girls is by joining WhatsApp groups, but there is a caveat to this. You don’t have to fake your life. So, how do you get the numbers? Bring some intriguing stories, tell jokes, introduce new topics, send morning greetings, and more. You can also ask the admin to add you to their programs.

You can also get the numbers from other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Just send dozens of friend requests and once you create a bond, you can ask for the phone number. Lastly, download the friend search for WhatsApp. It works more like a friend finder and you can use it to generate random contacts. Just register your number on the app and press the “create” button. To add new contacts, launch the app, tap the dots on the right-hand corner, select the friends’ numbers, and then click on send invites. Remember to add the country code.

 Send direct messages

While there are many ways of starting a conversation, you may want to talk about something you share in common. The best way to impress a girl is being confident and courteous. Although your picture may tell it all, it’s important that you ask questions that show you care. If you’re nervous, try to relax and be yourself. The first question should ask how she’s doing. If you’re not sure about her interests, check out her social media accounts. Then strike up a conversation based on her particular interests.

Breaking the ice can be stressful, but it will pay huge dividends if you don’t overthink it. Also, don’t give up if she doesn’t reply immediately. And even if she doesn’t reply at all, this is not the end of the world. However, you should give her enough time to reply the messages.


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To keep the conversation going, ask about her hobbies, siblings, or favorite places. Apart from that, use sarcasm, humor, and jokes to your advantage. Most girls will appreciate guys with a sense of humor. This shows you’re confident and she can start building attraction towards you.

You can also bring superficial conversations that are close to her heart. A golden rule of thumb is to avoid bombarding her with tons of messages. Another way to impress her is to give compliments. Based on the conversation, you can gauge her immediate interest in you. Most guys make the mistake of telling girls how hot they are the moment they agree to be their friends. It’s okay to comment on her photos, but you may want to spend more time developing your friendship.

Think of WhatsApp as a local bar where you can see a cute girl across the room. You have to let her get a glimpse of your social life. Don’t let her know you’re hitting many girls on the platform. Always keep your flirty messages hidden and limit your conversation to chatting. But showing interest is the crucial first step.

Make sure the WhatsApp account is active most of the time

Women like guys who use their real name instead of nicknames. If you ask her for a date and she hesitates, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. Unless she tells you that she has a boyfriend, keep pushing the conversation. Keep in mind that you should avoid sending nude selfies. While you can introduce something sexual, make sure it doesn’t cross any lines. Otherwise, this can make her feel disrespected. The “last seen” status is also very important. She can always know when you’re online.

Find the perfect girl

After chatting with several girls, there is at least one of them who seems single, fun, and probably lives in your area. Before you go for strangers, it’s prudent that you concentrate on girls in your extended social circle. The more you know about her, the easier it will be to spark her interests. How else can you know whether you’ve picked the right girl? It’s important that you check her on other social sites like Instagram. Go through her profile and see whether you have any mutual interests. Then go from there.

Have regular conversation

By now you must have known how to come up with a witty conversation. You have the power in your hands; play the good boy, the bad guy or whatever you want. Keep messaging her back and forth and finally ask her if she’s willing to take the relationship to the next level. As long as you’re online, you can create any persona. Unless you’re flirting for the fun of it, you’d probably want to meet the girl in person. Keep it casual by asking her out for a cup of coffee. The beauty of WhatsApp is that you can meet multiple girls at once. Now that you have managed to attract her, you can use this text messaging application anytime.

The above tips will help you conquer random girls on WhatsApp. Without a doubt, this application is powerful than traditional dating sites. Use the chat/video feature to keep the conversation exciting, and soon she’ll be ready for a face-to-face meeting.

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