How To Initiate Video Sex Chat With A Girl


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Learning to engage in erotic video sex chat requires creativity and can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. But for some guys, it’s just not that simple. In fact, it takes a great deal of effort if you want to initiate video sex chat with a girl. If you want to do engage her the right way and get her to come back for more, you have to plan things out a bit. Once you’ve got her in the free adult chat rooms, anything goes! But until then, here’s what you can to initiate video sex chat with a girl:

Get private

Being anonymous online You don’t want anyone coming into the room when you’re talking dirty online to a hot woman—this is a crucial part of sex chat. Just like the actual sex, any interruption is a mood killer. Make sure you lock the door and find a place where you can talk without keeping an eye for people walking in. If she gets naked online (and hopefully she will), you want to ensure she has privacy too.


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Approach the sexual topic tastefully

There are many things you should not do when video sex chatting. Most women are interested in video sex if sexual conversations are approached tastefully. They can easily be aroused through the imagination. You need to captivate her attention with a stronger, sexier signal than the other guys are putting out. It’s always a good idea to set an authentic, sexual tone that will bring out the sexy mood naturally. Women respond to natural authenticity better than rude vulgar talk.

There simply isn’t a perfect moment to talk about sex, so stop waiting for permission. You should be playful with this. Start with asking her what she likes in a man, and what turns her on. And then you can begin with intimate foreplay. You can ask her what she’d like to do in bed or the place she likes
being touched. To get over the inevitable awkwardness, you may want to spend a few minutes fantasizing about sex. Then put your fantasies into words to really impress her and get her to want to erotic video sex chat with you.

What if she doesn’t play along? Well, don’t worry. If the talk takes a different direction, acknowledge how she feels and move on. But if you freak out, you’re simply validating the thought that it was big deal. Brush it off. There are plenty of other women to talk to. The good thing with a video chat is that you can see her response when you send the first message. The way she replies will gauge her interest level. If she replies faster than usual, she likes it. But, if she seems uninterested, she won’t reply right away, so drop the move for now.

Slowly detonate the sex bomb

Most women will ask you what you’re doing at that moment. You’re probably lying on your bed, so tell her that. To provoke her, say something like I’m just lying here in my bed in my boxer briefs. She’ll know you’re oozing with sex appeal and want to play, and her imagination will run wild. The crazier it gets, the better for both of you. Don’t hold back; let your steamiest and darkest fantasies come to life. One great tool to use in your chats is sexual innuendo. It’s not only playful, it often leads to back-and-forth exchange. But go slowly, as this will really drive her crazy with desire.

Keep the conversation playful and flirtatious

Slip some sexually-charged words into your conversation. For her to consider having a sexy video chat, she needs to feel an attraction towards you. To ensure this works well, you have to treat it like a romantic date. A general rule of thumb is to ensure 20% is flirting and 80% is a normal conversation. As long as she’s flirting back, she’s still engaged in the conversation. If she acts indifferent, bring in a general talk for a few minutes and then try again. It’s worth mentioning that you may not have a successful video sex chat if you’re acting like a platonic friend.

But how do you know she’s getting turned on? Well, just check how she responds when you make sexual jokes. At this stage, avoid saying something dirty. Your main goal is to gain some rapport with her. Once you have her engagement, then you can get into the hot sexy fuck talk.

Help her overcome that sexual shame

When you bring the act of intimacy in your conversation, you may trigger the feeling of shame and defensiveness. Sometimes, she may put you in a spot where you have to justify why you’re talking about the sensitive subject. As you bring out those sexy words, always respond with positivity, confidence, and playfulness. To make her feel comfortable, ask her whether she considers herself a sexual person. If she hesitates you may want to tell her I’m just excited to learn more about you. Before you know it, you’ll get into intimate questions.

To be on the safe side, always project yourself as the kind of a guy who can get any woman he wants. Eventually, you’ll get used to it and you’ll bring out those sexy words effortlessly. Believe it or not, a few questions will turn the video chat from friendly to romantic. You’ll both get turned on if the chemistry and words are right.

Spend a little time on pillow talk

Both of you can see each other through a webcam, so why not have some sexy sessions? Some women will feel shy and guilty when expressing their needs. Spend some time whispering sweet things to each other. By this time, you’re going to places where sexy fantasies come to life. To ease your way into dirty talking, spend a little time romanticizing her. Before you know it, she’ll be wet and begging you to video chat with her.

Take the lead

Now that you have things moving to sexual dynamic, you can transition naturally. She now knows where the conversation is heading. Use descriptive language and allow some tension to build naturally. If you’re willing to be vulnerable at first, she won’t feel timid opening up. Tell her what she wants to hear without overthinking about it. Take the lead if you want things to get hot. If she’s down for it, she’ll follow.

Starting a video sex chat can be nerve-racking. However, unlike actual physical sex, video chat does not bar you from letting your fantasies come to life. When your approach is correct, you’ll find yourself enjoying a steamy video sex chat even before you know it. If you follow the above tips, your naughty conversations will leave her wanting to have video sex chat with you again

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